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Cornell Hill Fire Tower Rules & Regulations

1. Cornell Hill Fire Tower will be open every 2nd weekend April through October. During the Fall Foliage season of September and October the Fire Tower is also open the 4th weekend  The schedule and any exceptions will be posted on the Town of Wilton Wildlife website.

2. The Tower will be closed on rainy days and during electric storms.

3. The Tower is open between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

4. When the Tower is closed and the gate is locked, a sign stating “CLOSED” will be hung. Violators of the secure area may result in an arrest as criminal trespass.

5. Trained and certified Tower Interpreters approved by the Town of Wilton will man the facility and adjacent grounds.

6. Training will include various subjects re:

  1. Safety during visit
  2. History of Historic Boy Scout Camp Saratoga
  3. Forest fire control
  4. Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park information

7. All visitors are required to sign a “hold harmless” statement as listed in the Fire Tower register.

8. Community and educational organizations are required to complete and file reservations and related forms two weeks prior to scheduled visits. The applicant is responsible for obtaining parent permission and list the name of youth members under 18 years of age.

9. The organizations will supply a Certificate  of Insurance and sign a statement of “hold harmless” and submit two weeks prior to the scheduled visit. These documents shall be signed by a legal officer of the organization.

10. For information on the Town of Wilton designated Fire Tower Coordinator please contact Town Hall at (518) 587-1939

11. No “penciled-in” reservations are permitted.

12. All rules and regulations will be posted on the Fire Tower kiosk and Town of Wilton website.

13. Tower Interpreters shall have an on-site first-aid kit and cell phone for emergencies.

14. The Mackay family will be charter member of the Friends of Cornell Hill Fire Tower with honorary members considered for nomination by the Friends of Cornell Hill Fire Tower.

15. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on the Tower or within the fenced-in area.

16. Youth ages 5 through 18 are allowed when accompanied by a parent or as part of a community or educational organization completing items 8 – 10 above.

17. A visit at the cabin at the top of the Tower will be limited to 5 minutes unless extended by the Tower Interpreter.

18. Attendance at the cabin at the top of the Tower will be limited to 4 persons at a time.

19. No pets are allowed on the Tower or within the fenced area.

20. No backpacks are allowed on the Tower or within the fenced area.

21. All persons waiting to climb the Tower shall remain outside the fenced area.

22. Friends of Cornell Hill will be associated with the Camp Saratoga Committee of the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.

23. Fire Tower Interpreters will be considered representatives of the Town of Wilton and will be appointed by the Camp Saratoga Committee (see above) and approved by the Town of Wilton.

24. Fire Tower Interpreters will be required to take training.

25. The Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park and the Tower Interpreter may sell approved patches, postcards, etc. at posted prices. All funds will be maintained by the WWPP and will be deposited in a revolving account for same purchases.

26. The Tower Interpreter will distribute only material approved by the Camp Saratoga Committee.

27. All Tower visitors must remove any trash associated with their visit.

28.  Provisions for persons with disabilities may be made by contacting Town Hall at (518) 587-1939

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