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R. U. OK?

What is the R.U.OK Program?
R.U.OK? is our local effort to ensure Wilton residents are safe and obtain needed services in the event of an emergency, such as a large-scale power outage. It is neighbors helping neighbors. Town Volunteers will check on registered residents to ensure they are safe and secure. When assistance is needed, appropriate emergency response crews will be notified and given relevant information pertaining to the needs of the individual.

What have the R.U.OK Program?
All emergencies begin and end locally. In the aftermath of 9/11, officials in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security endorsed local efforts to assist residents in obtaining emergency services.

How does R.U.OK Program work?
In the event of an emergency, volunteers will call town residents who have registered with the program. If it is determined that extra assistance is needed, local emergency services will be contacted. Because registrants already have their information in this confidential database, emergency responders can best meet the needs of the resident.

What else should I know about this program?
• R.U.OK? is a FREE service. However, it is not a guarantee of services of any kind.

• This is not a substitute for 911.

• Each participant will receive written confirmation of receipt of their application.

• Updates to the Registry Database will be made annually upon participant's written request.

• Addresses obtained from the Registry Database will be located through the use of the Town's computerized GIS (Geographic Information System) assuring quick response time in the event that Emergency Responders are needed.

Special Needs Registration Form (pdf)

Printable Special Needs Registration Form.
Please Print, Complete and Mail To:
Wilton Town Hall
R.U. Ok? Program
22 Traver Road
Gansevoort, NY 12831.

Volunteer Application Form (pdf)

Interested in volunteering to assist with the R.U. OK? Program?  Please complete this application.

In The News! Wilton seniors asked 'R.U. OK?' (pdf)

03/13/2007 - Wilton seniors asked 'R.U. OK?' By JIM KINNEY , The Saratogian

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