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What portion of my property taxes are paid to the town?

None, The Town General fund and Highway budget are funded mainly through sales and mortgage taxes collected by the County. There are special district taxes that all homeowners pay that are distributed to the Wilton Emergency Squad and either the Maple Avenue Fire Department or the Wilton Fire Department.

What are the responsibilities of the Supervisor?

My job as Supervisor is the same as the CEO of a corporation. I direct the day-to-day Town activities including the supervision of all Town departments. It is my responsibility to communicate with local, State and Federal agencies on matters relating to town government.

Is the monthly Town Board meeting open to the public?

Yes, we hold our Town Board meeting on the first Thursday of every month. It is here where we discuss all major issues concerning Town government.


If I have a question about a department within the town should I call the Town Supervisor?

First try to get an answer from the department head; then, if you need further assistance, you may always contact the Town Supervisor or make an appointment through Nancy Riely, Secretary to the Supervisor.

How can I get my voice heard on Saratoga County issues?

The Town Supervisor also serves on the Saratoga Board of Supervisors. My vote on county issues is weighted based proportionately on Wilton’s population in relation to the population of the other cities and towns in the County. Feel free to contact the Supervisor with any questions or concerns regarding county issues.

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