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Notifications To Adjacent Landowners


Please find attached a copy of the code covering the requirement for notification of adjacent landowners. This procedure is required so that your adjacent neighbors can be notified of the date, time and place of the public hearing for your project. The following are guidelines for making this notification. (NOTE: Do NOT send out the letter of notification until all the following procedures have been followed and a public hearing date has been set by the board. This hearing date will be scheduled by the planning board when a determination is made that all information that is needed has been submitted and/or the project application meets all requirements for preliminary submission.)

  1. Obtain the names and addresses by using the tax maps and computer in the assessor’s office. If you do not have the tax map number of the subject parcel, it can be obtained when your application is filed. The regulations require that property owners immediately adjacent to your property and any property owners across any street must be notified. If there is a question about the proximity of a property to your parcel, we advise that you notify that landowner as well, to be on the safe side. The names and addresses listed on the tax rolls are the ones designated by the town as the official landowners and those are the people who must be notified.
  2. Prepare a letter to the adjacent landowners giving a brief description of your application and give the date, time and place of the public hearing. Include in the letter a paragraph stating that further questions can be addressed to the planning board office. You can also indicate that you would be willing to answer any questions. A copy of the notification must be submitted to the town with your proofs of notification. Before mailing, please have someone in the office review your letter to be sure that all necessary information is included. This can be done by fax at 587-2837. We will need a copy of the letter for our files and this prior review will avoid the necessity of sending out a second notice.
  3. All notifications letters must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. The receipts of mailing stamped by the post office are your proof that notifications have been made. These receipts must be submitted to the town prior to the public hearing date. Green return receipts cards returned to you must also be submitted to the town prior to the public hearing. If a letter is returned to you unclaimed (even if this happens after the public hearing is held), submit that as well. If you do not receive all of the green return receipt cards by the date of the public hearing, so advise the board. As long as you can show that you mailed the notification in a timely fashion, it is likely that the hearing will be held.
  4. Notification should be sent out at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. This will give adjacent landowners time to sign the letter and ask any questions they may have.

The above guidelines should answer some of the questions you may have about this notification process. The object here is to advise neighbors of pending applications. This provides them with an opportunity to have questions and/or concerns resolved before the project is finalized. Public hearings are designed to allow any interested party an available arena to put forth questions and comments. You will be expected to give a brief presentation for the benefit of the audience before the floor is open for comment. Remember that, although you may have been before the board prior to the hearing date, residents may be learning about this project for the first time. Please call my office (518) 587-1939 ext. 211 with any questions to avoid any misunderstandings and the need for additional mailings. If I am not available, you can leave a voice mail message and I will return your call or contact me by email:

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