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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the town’s right-of-way located?

This depends on what street you live on. Call the Highway Department and the Superintendent will tell you where the town's right-of-way is on your particular street but on most streets, the right-of-way is usually 30' from the center line.

When will my street be resurfaced?

Roads are evaluated and prioritized on a yearly basis. Please see our Road Improvements page for updated info.

Why isn’t my street plowed yet?

The snowplow crews have routes that begin from the Highway garage to each neighborhood. Your street will be plowed according to where you are on the route. The main roads will be done on a priority basis.

If my mailbox is damaged by a Town of Wilton snowplow; how do I get it replaced?

At times a mailbox will need to be replaced during the plowing season. Please be advised the Highway Department will not be responsible for repair or replacement of PLASTIC mailboxes and posts.  The cold makes these mailboxes very brittle and they cannot withstand the snow force.   The Highway Dept. will only repair or replace mailboxes that have a ROUND or 4X4 WOOD post, and a standard mailbox.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (518) 584-4588.

Does the Town have mulch for residents?

Unfortunately, the Town Highway Department does not have the machinery for this service. At this time, this item cannot be budgeted. 

Does the Town offer Hazardous Waste pick-up?

The Town Highway Department does not pick up any items. Please do not place these items on the roadside.

How do I get a new road accepted?

For information on Road Acceptance please see the Road Acceptance Checklist under Online Forms & Documents.

How do I obtain a driveway permit?

Please see the Construction of Driveway Permit under Online Forms & Documentation.

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