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Highway Department

The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 100 center-line miles of Town roads. These responsibilities include snow removal and ice control, paving and the maintenance of roads, signage, roadway markings, drainage, tree and brush cutting and removal within the Town’s right of way and the disposal of non-domestic dead animals in a timely manner if they are on a TOWN road (the Highway Department will dispose of dead deer whereas dead dogs would be taken care of by the Dog Control Officer).

There are several County roads within the Town of Wilton. Those roads are maintained by Saratoga County. The major responsibility of the Town during the winter season is to keep town roads clear of snow and ice. We utilize our own work force to accomplish this task. We also ask the cooperation of Town residents in keeping the roads clear of vehicles in order to do the best and safest job possible while plowing and sanding. 

Contact Information/Hours

Phone: (518) 587-1939 Ext: 602   Fax: (518) 691-0013 
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30 pm 
Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:00 am-4:00 pm 

Road Improvements

Information on town road improvments and scheduled projects.

Residents please note that sprinkler heads must be out of the town’s right of way (30 feet from center of the road). The Highway Department is not responsible for any damages that may result from objects in our right of way.

Hazardous Spills

Call NYS Spills Hotline 800-457-7362 and 911 for Hazardous Spills. 

Stormwater Management

Please see the Engineering Department for information on Stormwater Management

Snow Removal

The Town’s Highway Department is out there working to keep our roads clear so you and your family can travel to your chosen destination safely and without major delay.

Winter Parking Law

Pursuant to Local Law No.5 of 1985, the parking of vehicles is prohibited on all highways and roads within the Town of Wilton, including the paved portion and shoulder, between Nov. 15 and April 1.

Christmas Tree Disposal

The town does NOT pick up Christmas Trees. Please contact your private waste disposal company to see if they will pick them up. They may also be brought to the town complex and placed next to the dumpster and we will chip them up.

Road Acceptance
Road Acceptance Criteria Information
Online Forms & Documentation

Most forms are in Adobe PDF Format

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Helpful Links

Links to Saratoga County and New York State.

Department Staff

Department Staff and Contact Information

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