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General Information

General Information


On Site Campers participating in our onsite activities will remain at Gavin Park except when campers participate in supervised walks to off-site activities (i.e., the Dorothy Nolan Elementary School playground). Daily activities include crafts, sports, playground activities, and much more. Creative minds keep our campers entertained throughout the day.

Age Groupings

Pioneers (Grades 1-2) are our youngest campers who are entering grades 1-2. Pioneers are placed into groups with no more than six campers per counselor.

Blazers (Grades 3-4) are those entering grades 3-4. Blazers are placed into groups with no more than seven campers per counselor.

Trail Seekers (Grades 5-6) are those entering grades 5-6. Trail seekers are placed into groups with no more than eight campers per counselor.

Trackers (Grades 7-9) are those campers entering grades 7-9. Trackers are placed into groups with no more than ten campers per counselor.

Extended Care

Extended care will be offered daily from 8:00 am – 9:00am and 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm.  Pre-registration is required. Based on availability, only available for those in camp.


No busing for the 2022 Summer Camp season.  Pick-up and Drop-off only.

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