Town of Wilton New York

Park Pavilion

The new pavilion is a steel structure that is 80 feet wide and 120 feet long and a height of 12 feet. The flooring is made of concrete with a brush surface to reduce slipping. It is usually available for renting from May through October with a cost TBD. The pavilion is rented for kids gatherings, wedding receptions, boy scout bottle drives, graduation parties, and reunions. It is also used for big events like The Aim Services Annual Croquet Tournament, A Taste of Wilton, May Day Classic and even the end of the year celebration for the Dorothy Nolan Elementary School. The pavilion serves a meeting area for the Summer Camp program including training, arrival and dismissal of campers, and the end of the year camp picnic. Finally, it is in the planning to use the concrete space for ice skating in the Winter. It is estimated that the pavilion has thousands of visitors every year.


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