Town of Wilton New York

Stormwater Management

The Town of Wilton has developed this program to comply with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer Systems.


The Town of Wilton is currently revising the Stormwater Management Program to comply with the 2024 NYS MS4 Permit (GP-0-24-001) (

Permit Coverage was authorized through a 2024 Notice of Intent (NOI)

Annual MS4 Stormwater Reports

MS4 Municipal Compliance Certification(MCC) Forms

Stormwater Maintenance Agreement

Sample Stormwater Maintenance Agreement (Fill-In)

Keeping the Waters of Saratoga County Clean

A background on stormwater and how it is managed.

Saratoga County Inter-Municipal Stormwater Management Program
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