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Can anything be placed or planted in a drainage easement?
No. The Town may need access to service those areas and will need to disrupt anything placed there.
How wide is the Town Right of Way on Town Roads?
The majority of town roads have a 60’ Right of Way, however, please call the Highway Department for your specific road.
Why is my basement flooded?

The rise in the water table has caused some basements to flood.

Homeowners that have had water damage caused by high ground water may wish to consult with their insurance agent for possible coverage for their losses. You may also wish to inquire about the possibility of adding a rider to your current Homeowners policy that may cover potential future water damage.

Comments on the elevated groundwater
Rainfall Table
Wet Basements-Who's at fault?
Water Table Picture
I have a question related to the water or sewer service in the Town. Who do I contact?
Please contact Wilton Water and Sewer Authority at 581-8626. WWSA is an independent Authority from the Town of Wilton. WWSA owns and operates the Town water supply system and a portion of the sewer system.
Who do I contact if I have a problem with the road or drainage in my neighborhood?
Initially, call the Highway Department 584-4588. The Highway Superintendent will request the Engineer for technical assistance after an assessment of the situation.
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