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Engineering Department

The Engineer is responsible for reviewing commercial and residential subdivision projects for the Planning Board, as well as inspecting the construction of these projects in the field. The Director of Planning & Engineering oversees the Planning, Engineering and Building Departments. While the Building Department inspects the construction of the actual houses/buildings, the Director of Planning & Engineering inspects the commercial sites and the pavement/drainage portion of subdivision Town roads. The Engineer manages and coordinates special public works and technical related projects as directed by the Town Board. The Engineer also provides technical advice to the various master plan/rezoning committees created by the Town Board and attends the Town Board and Planning Board Meetings each month at the Town Hall.

Town Code

You may search the full Town Code online.  Please be sure to review the updates and changes listed , as the Town Code is subject to change.  We have include links to the most commonly requested Sections & Standard Details.

Zoning & Code Changes

IMPORTANT!! Revisions to the Wilton Town Code are listed here.

Fee Schedule Summary

Please see complete fee schedule for more details. This report is intended to be used for quick reference only. Outside consultant fees are not included in all cases. If an outside consultant is deemed to be necessary, an additional fee would be due. If the size or number of lots/units or square footage increases or decreases, or if fee rates are changed, the fees due may change.

Site Plans

Information, Notes and Checklists for Site Plans


Information, Notes and Checklists for Subdivisions

Road Acceptance
The following is designed to provide the Developer with a clear and concise checklist to assist in the completion of the requirements for road acceptance pursuant to Wilton Town Code
Roadway Information

A road is either "State", "Town Owned" or "privately owned". The Town of Wilton maintains 234 roads, all of which are asphalt and total 108.9 centerline miles.

Home to 16,173 people (based on the 2010 Census), Wilton’s population is expanding much like its roadways. With a population increase of more than 3,600 residents from 2000 to 2010, the correlating number of residential developments built in the last decade has added to the increase in total road miles.

Stormwater Management

Click to view information on Stormwater Management.

Traffic Studies

The Town of Wilton Traffic Planning Study was initially prepared in 1992 to address the traffic concerns created by the rapid pace of development in the Town at that time.  The study was most recently updated in 2015. Information on additional studies of roads and intersection can also be found in this section.

Hazardous Spills

Call NYS Spills Hotline 800-457-7362 and 911 for Hazardous Spills.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.
Department Staff
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