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Any peddler, solicitor or temporary merchant, as defined in § 85-1 of the Town of Wilton code, must first obtain either a Town license from the Town Clerk or a temporary merchant certificate from the Town of Wilton Director of Planning and Engineering or the Town of Wilton Planning Board.

Peddling & Soliciting Fees

Peddling & Soliciting Fees $25.00
Town Code

Information on Peddling and Soliciting can be found in Chapter 85: PEDDLING AND SOLICITING in the Town of Wilton Code

Peddling and Soliciting Application

Peddling and Soliciting Application Form (pdf)

Background Check Release

Background Check Permission and Release.

Town Code Peddling and Soliciting

This PDF includes Chapter 85 of the Town of Wilton Code, Peddling and Soliciting.  It is provided as a reference only and may be updated or amended.  Please refer to the online Town Code link above for the most current town code. 

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