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Certificates of Residency

In order to have Saratoga County participate in the cost of his or her community college education, a student must obtain a Certificate of Residency and submit it to the college. Military personnel on active duty, as well as their spouses and dependants, are entitled to the lower “Resident” rate directly from the college; they do not need a Certificate of Residency.

A student must apply for a certificate no sooner than 60 days prior to the start of classes and no later than 30 days after the college’s first day of classes. Certificates remain valid for one year of semesters, provided the student attends during the semester the certificate is issued. A student that does not register for the semester the certificate was issued, must apply for and receive a new certificate.

Students, who are U.S. citizens residing at their current address for at least twelve consecutive months, without moving, may obtain a certificate from the Wilton Town Clerk prior to the cut off date.

Cut off dates are dictated by the start of classes at each college and will vary. Town and city clerks are only authorized to issue certificates until the start of the college semester. Students applying for a certificate after the beginning of the college semester must apply at County Treasurer’s office. An application will be accepted from an individual other than the student only if the student’s signature on the affidavit has been notarized and sufficient proof is submitted.

Certificate of Residency Form (pdf)

Affidavit and Application for Certificate of Residence.

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